Alternative Residential Setting (ARS)

Since “Variety is the Spice of Life”, our Alternative Residential Setting complements that quote; by establishing the most desired cost effective and innovative living arrangements ever. A choice that is individually centered, ARS is becoming the wave of the future. This is a living condition where two or three individuals live together as roommates in a three bedroom apartment model. They share a common well furnished living room for relaxation, kitchen and varieties of modern living amenities.

This apartment model living condition removes such stigma like the traditional group home, and provides Residents the opportunity to live in middle class apartment complexes, enjoying all the recreational amenities that abound. In line with our operational model, CLRI design this apartment model for the best interest of the Residents considering geographical locations, Age, interests, physical ability, and the level of support needed by each of the roommates. All these matching factors help CLRI in determining the best fit of support arrangements needed from one apartment model to another. When roommates share commonalities on a daily basis, it improves socialization and everyday quality of life.

Outside View of the Apartment Model

Three People Sitting in an Apartment

Furnished Living Room

Stairs up to the Apartment