Independent Living Arrangement

(a)This type of Supports services in the Developmental and Mental Health Disabilities system are designed to provide a safe environment that allows individuals with intellectual Disabilities to meet their fullest potential and to be included in the everyday fabrics of our society. Shared Living Arrangements can have a significant positive impact on outcomes and the quality of life for individuals with diverse disabilities. While the benefit to the individual is the driving force behind this option, there are other notable benefits as well. All individuals with disabilities benefit from the increased community awareness of the value, potential and many contributions people with disabilities can make to their communities.

(b) Community Living of Rhode Island, as the Authorized Placement Agency for Shared Living will administer the program and recruit individuals as Shared Living Providers. Note! The role of the Shared Living Provider however, is not the same as the traditional foster care role of providing basic care in a family atmosphere. A Shared Living Provider’s role entails that of an advocate, friend, mentor and support provider, who will not only share their home with a person with Intellectual disability, but will assist the individual with connecting to the community, teaching new skills, developing friendships and making life choices that will lead to a satisfying, safe and productive lifestyle for the individual. Shared Living is highly personalized and offers individuals a greater opportunity to choose the person(s) with whom they will live and have greater control of how they will live day-to-day.

(c) Respite Services: Respite Care Support Services is an integral segment of Community Living support system that meets the emergent needs of the Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and their family members. This support system gives family members the opportunity to take a break from their daily challenges of caring for their loved ones with intellectual disabilities. It also provides a safe haven or a place to turn for the needed support to the Individuals with Disabilities that are finding it difficult to live alone or with others in the community. We provide this temporary support services for varying length of time, in line with BHDDH approval methodology.