Vocational Activities

Group of People Painting

Knitting and Sewing Classes

This segment of our Day program has been providing some of our Participants a better way to spend their day and late afternoons in participating in some trade and commerce that will eventually bring in some money into their pockets. Together with the program Coordinator, the program Manager and their team of staff, our folks have combined their individual and group skills in producing so many knitted wears and comforters for sell at bazaars and other public places. The opportunity to work alongside each other enabled our Participants to gain incredible valuable knowledge of the crafts, by utilizing their God given talents.

Community Activities:

We utilize Community Resources such as the libraries for learning purposes, museum of science for visual and cognitive learning, manufacturing companies to witness productions, parks and historic sites, and amusement sites for visual effects. Our Day program activities start from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, and our staffing ratio depends on the population make up and the Tiered system.

Group of People Standing in front of a Gate